Key Facts

Rolling Hills’ management is planning to convert the generating station, currently a peaking electric generating plant, to a combined-cycle/peaking generating station.


The current peaking station is fueled by clean-burning natural gas; the same fuel will be used to power the new combined-cycle facility. Fuel will be transported to the plant via an existing pipeline that is currently interconnected with the plant.


The site is located at 43111 State Route 160, Wilkesville, Ohio. The conversion project will not require Rolling Hills Generating Station to acquire any additional land.


Construction is expected to take 30 months, with completion currently projected to be as early 2018. This is dependent upon a demonstrated need for new baseload generation in Ohio.

Use of Water Resources

Combined-cycle plants require more water than peaker plants. Typically, combined-cycle facilities such as the one planned for Rolling Hills recycle water through the cooling process multiple times to minimize water use. Water for the plant would come from the Ohio River.